How to Track Civil ID Delivery in Kuwait?

Do you want to see your civil ID delivery status tracking after applying for PACI Delivery Kuwait? You can track the status of PACI Home Delivery by reading this blog post. For Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis who reside in Kuwait, a civil ID card serves as identification. It displays all of the relevant information for your time in Kuwait. 

You are ineligible to engage in legally permissible activity in Kuwait without a PACI Card. You cannot even open a bank account for your company. If your Civil Identity card Home delivery is not made to your address after a certain time, you will obtain your ID card shortly after applying. To keep track of your delivery status, it would be helpful if you had to use the tracking id delivery feature.

Steps to Track PACI Civil ID Delivery Kuwait

Follow the instructions to track the delivery of a Kuwaiti civil ID online

  1. Visit the website for their PACI home delivery service. 
  2. Click the “Options” link in the drop-down menu by moving there. 
  3. Select “Delivery Request Status” by tapping it. 
  4. Enter your PACI ID number in the Query box, and then click the search button. 
  5. When you hit the button, your ID information will appear. 

The Kuwaiti government makes sure that your ID information is safe and secure. They guarantee that your PACI card will arrive at the destination with a strong logo and a secure envelope.

Kuwait’s civil identification delivery tracking number 

In this guide, we will provide the civil id delivery tracking number Kuwait that the Public Authority for Civil Information mentioned within the civil ID home delivery Kuwait status service context. The Public Authority for Civil Information is interested in giving all the information that residents and citizens of the State of Kuwait require about the civil card. 

Tracking civil id delivery 

One of the services provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information is the civil id delivery tracking service, which necessitates the reference to track the location of the arrival of his civil ID as soon as the service of electronically delivering the civil ID to the home is activated. This is done by using one of the following methods: 

  • Civil ID link 
  • Civil identification delivery agent number

Kuwait civil id home delivery tracking link 

By entering your civil ID number and selecting the inquiry icon, you may follow the delivery of your civil ID and find out if it is ready to accept through the URL provided. 

Civil id tracking number for home delivery 

The delivery business will contact you after activating the service and paying the associated fees. You can phone that number to check on the delivery of your Kuwaiti civil ID or contact them by calling one of the following numbers: 

  • Contact information for the Civil Information Authority is 1889988. 
  • Alternatively, dial 22066550, the civil identification number.

After applying to renew or issue their civil ID at the door of the house, citizens and residents now have an easier time receiving it due to the civil Identity card home delivery service. Our article gave you the information you need to track the civil ID’s delivery to Kuwait. Once you submit this request, you will require the number and link. 

The civil id card’s purpose is still being processed. 

Please try again in a week. The civil identification card is currently being processed. Due to the overwhelming volume of unfinished work, this message is being sent. More than 2 million civil id cards are still undeliverable in Kuwait, so your card number will be available once these undeliverable cards are delivered. And because of the present circumstances, this is taking place. 

Additionally, this is occurring due to the requirement for more staff. We are all aware that employees work 50% of the time in all businesses and departments of the government. 

Therefore, the current department provides the civil identification card service at your home to manage this duty. Additionally, this massage civil identification card will shortly be processed and hidden. So, if you paid the card’s costs but have yet to receive it, don’t worry; it will arrive at your home address soon.

Why my civil identification card is still pending?

You have two options for resolving this issue. A civil id card can be obtained quickly using any approach. The specifics of these two approaches are as follows: 

  1. Delivery of Paci civil id in Kuwait 
  2. Booking a civil id appointment in Kuwait

Another quick and easy approach to getting your card is to bring it to your home address. The second approach, in which you must complain about your card, is also available. Following the method you adhere to, the present PACI department grants you compliant status. However, this second approach takes two to five days. The first option will immediately issue you a civil identification card. 

How long would it take to complete this civil id card? 

In most cases, if you are a card, you will get this notice after paying the current costs. Usually, it takes 5 to 10 days for the card to be issued; however, due to a restricted number of staff and half-time office hours. Now, the procedure takes a month. But if you choose the Home delivery civil id option, you can get your card in less than ten days. Because of this, you were given our home address on the card. 


You can use the information in this article to quickly and easily check the tracking of your Civil ID card online from your home. Visit the PACI website and take these actions to get the results.

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