How to Apply for Kuwait Civil ID | Detailed Guide in 2024

Within 30 days of receiving their residency visa, all Kuwaiti citizens and foreigners must apply for a civil card. The Civil ID card often referred to as bitaqa-al-madaniyah, is a crucial document demonstrating your right to remain in the Gulf country.

This document must be processed and issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), which typically takes 10 working days. 

A Civil ID card, which permits the possessor to set up a bank account, send their children to school, and purchase a car, is another crucial necessity for residents of Kuwait.

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It’s a good idea to be aware of Kuwait’s civil ID card application procedure if you’re a new ex-pat living there. In this article, we guide you on how to apply for civil id online, as to do so, follow these procedures: 

How to Apply for Kuwait Civil ID?

If you’ve decided to stay in Kuwait for a job or residence, carry all your identification documents, including your Civil card, to prevent getting into trouble with the law while you move around the city. To apply for Kuwait new civil id process is as follows. 

  • Step 1

You must present valid address evidence to register for the civil id. Keep a copy of the rental home agreement if you own an apartment.

  • Step 2

You require a copy of the other person’s house rent contract and a copy of their civil identification if you are rooming with someone else. 

  • Step 3

Obtain a duplicate of your passport (the initial page, the home page, and the final page). 

  • Step 4

Make a copy of your work permit (green Paper). 

  • Step 5

Get the civil identification form and an envelope at any typing center (500 fills are charged).

  • Step 6

Ask them to complete the form after giving them a copy of your passport and the lease agreement for your home (500 fills are charged). 

  • Step 7

If you share with someone else, they must also sign the application. (Sign should correspond to the lease for the home).

  • Step 8

Take the completed form, and receive a blood group test and a stamp from the clinic or hospital after finishing at the type center. (They demand between 2 and 4 kd for this.) 

  • Step 9

Include 2 pictures with a blue background within the envelope. 

  • Step 10

The subsequent step is to send the paperwork to the PACI Office (6th ring road around South Soura). 

  • Step 11

Take the token, arrive early (before 7 am is ideal; otherwise, you would have to wait for hours), and then wait for your turn. 

  • Step 12

Give your form to them in an envelope when your number is called. They will check all the paperwork and enter your data into the computer. 

  • Step 13

Just that. In two weeks, you ought to have your civil ID.

  • Step 14

By contacting this number (1889988) or going to the following website (, you can find out the status of your civil identification. 

  • Step 15

Visit the PACI office and pay 2kd to pick up your civil id once it is ready. 

Who Needs a Civil Identification Card? 

Over the age of 15, all Kuwaiti citizens are required to have an Identity card. People who are under 15 are exempt. To obtain an ID, a person must wait until their 15th birthday, which is also the beginning of maturity. 

  • If your birthday is after September 1, you must apply with the Civil Status Department.
  • As of November 1, you may do so.

What is Kuwait Mobile ID?

Kuwait Mobile ID is a safe mobile-based Digital ID generated from the Civil ID. It can authenticate users for online e-services, check their COVID-19 immunization status, and add trustworthy digital signatures to transactions and documents.

Additionally, it offers Kuwaiti residents and citizens a foundation for their government credentials wallet. The following functionalities will be present in this wallet: 

  • Included identification documents (a driver’s license, a birth certificate, a vehicle registration, a civil ID for each child, and an AFYA health care insurance card) 
  • Support for multiple views for some credentials ( Card View, List View) 
  • Verification of credentials using a QR Code 
  • Sharing of credentials 
  • Allows for future expansion to add other credentials

Where Can I Enroll In The MID Service?

Download Kuwait Mobile ID from the Play Store, App Store, or Huawei AppGallery if you have an Android device, iOS device, or Huawei device that isn’t Play Store compatible. Self-enrollment using the application (Verification Level: High). 

  • Enrollment via self-service kiosks for Mobile ID (Verification Level: Qualified). – National Bank of Kuwait (NBK): 5 locations, including its head office, branches in Surra, Al-Siddeeq, and Avenues (a short distance from IKEA).
  • There are 16 locations for the Kuwait Finance House (KFH), including the head office and branches in Ishbliya, Alsalam, Fahd Al-Ahmad, and Subhia. Branch names include: 
  • Saad Al-Abdallah, Hetein, Fentas, Salwa, Abdallah Al-Mubarak, Al-Rehab, Al-Fayhaa, Al-Andalus, Mubarak Al-Kabeir, and Al-Kasr. 
  • Five locations for Boubyan Bank (Sabah Elsalem Branch, Al-Qasr Branch, Al-Siddeeq Branch, Al-Andalus Branch, Al-Ahmadi Branch). 
  • Five locations for Kuwait International Bank (KIB) (Agela Branch, KIB Head Office, Farwaniyah Branch, AlZahraa Branch, Jaber Al Ahmad Branch). 
  • Burgan Bank has three locations (Al-Adiliya Branch, Head Office, and Marina Mall Branch). 
  • Al Rajhi Bank’s headquarters (2 Kiosks) 
  • Five locations for Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) (Head Office, Fahaheel Branch, Jabriya Branch, Al Sabah Hospital Branch, Al Adan Branch.) 
  • Ahli United Bank has two locations (Avenues Branch and Head Office.)
  • Four locations for Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) (Head Office, Fahaheel Branch, Jahra Branch, South Surra Branch.) 
  • South Surra19, PACI HQ Kiosks.

What Should I Do If I Get The Message “Your Mobile ID Is Not Active”? 

  1. If your civil ID has expired and you still need to renew it, do so first. Then, update your mobile ID by clicking the “Update” button next to the Notifications button located at the top of the page. 
  2. If your civil ID has already been renewed, update your mobile ID by clicking the “Update” button at the top of the page next to the Notifications button. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are registering for it for the first time, you must submit your passport and labor card to one of three facilities in various regions of Kuwait. It will take two weeks to complete.

You must report this situation to the police at the closest station. Again, you’ll need three copies of the new ID, the police report, and one more for the Ministry of Interior’s Civil Status Department. Additionally needed are copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates, passport-size pictures, and confirmation of Kuwaiti residency. 

Regardless of age, all Kuwaiti citizens must have a Kuwait Civil ID. Within 30 days of acquiring their residency visa, residents must submit an application for their Kuwaiti Civil ID card.

Paying 2 KD to apply for a civil ID delivery. The mobile ID will be given to you instantly after paying 5 KD and applying for a new ID, but it will take at least 3–4 months for the Card to arrive. You can periodically check the delivery website to find out if your request has already been accepted. 

All Kuwaitis older than 15 must have a civil ID card as of September 1, 2017. 

A card is not required to register with the Ministry of Interior but is required to apply for a residency permit. 

Yes, you still need to apply for a civil id card.


The new ID card will have several advantages, one being that transactions between ministries and businesses will run faster.

Additionally, it implies that businesses can scan employee ID cards to determine if they are authorized to work in Kuwait. Since the deadline is rapidly approaching, ex-pats must ensure their civil cards are current to avoid penalties.

A multi-step process is required for ex-pats who have lost their IDs; it includes applying for a new passport and labor card at the closest police station before bringing the paperwork to the Civil Status Department in their neighborhood.

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