How to Find Reference Number in Kuwait Civil ID 2024

The Department of Public issues civil identification cards for Civil Informatics (PACI). The civil ID number, sponsor name, visa type, and card expiration date are all listed on civil identification cards. After receiving a residence permit, the resident has thirty days to apply for a civil identity card. Every inhabitant has a civil identity number. 

The Kuwait Civil ID is necessary following an extended absence, regardless of whether the owner changes sponsors or returns to Kuwait. Civil identification numbers include the owner’s birthdate. The reference number is equally relevant to the civil card’s serial or civil card number. 

We shall learn where the reference number is located in the civil ID through this article because many services and transactions need access to the reference number. 

Knowing The Reference Number In Kuwait

Every citizen in Kuwait must be aware of the reference number for Kuwait, one of the crucial numbers on their civil identification.

Your reference number permits you to complete various electronic services, including those offered by the General Department of Traffic, the General Department of Residency Affairs, and other departments that the Ministry of Interior is interested in supporting, particularly on its website. 

On the website of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior (MOI), you may find the reference number for Kuwait. You’ll need some information to locate your reference number online via the MOI website. 

These are necessary for checking online. 

  • Civil ID number 
  • Passport Number 
  • Passport expiration date 

If you have all three of these pieces of information, you may quickly locate Your Civil Identity Reference Number. 

Where can I find the Residency number?

The reference number is found on the civil card’s back, precisely between the “serial number” and “address,” and it is made up of 9 numbers.

In addition to the other data related to Name, serial number, civil number, birth date, blood type, and residence address with a card expiration date, you can read the reference number in the entry visa in the Name of the unified number as well.

How To Find A Reference Number In Kuwait For A Kuwaiti

The following steps can be used to look up the reference number on the General Directorate of Information Systems’ website for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior: 

  • Step 1

Go to the Ministry of Interior website. 

  • Step 2

From the electronic services listed on the site’s front page, choose “General Administration of Information Systems.” 

  • Step 3

Choose the “Internal Reference Number Inquiry” service. 

  • Step 4

Enter the information the system requires into the appropriate boxes; in this case: Civil No

  • Step 5 

Select the “Kuwaitis” category. 

  • Step 6

Ascertain the “citizenship issuance date.” 

  • Step 7

Press the “Query” button.

How do I renew my Kuwait civil ID reference number?

At the following intervals, Kuwaiti civil identity cards must be renewed: 

  • Cards used for identification have a finite lifespan. 
  • Change in sponsors 
  • Changing the address 

First-time civil ID applicants’ supporting documents 

  • Passport 
  • Copies of passport pages with personal data and a residency stamp 
  • Anyone older than sixteen must have a security clearance or fingerprint
  • An official birth certificate for people born in Kuwait 
  • Blood group certification document
  • Verification of addresses 
  • A joint declaration from the sponsors 

Documentation for newborns having Kuwaiti civil identification: 

  • Birth certification 
  • Copy of the sponsor’s passports 
  • The infant’s passport 
  • The following papers must be presented for the renewal or modification of civil identification, regardless of the person’s visa status. 
  • His photocopied passport 
  • Statement of the Sponsor 
  • Current photo identification 
  • Justification for the modification of the address

How To Find Reference Number In Kuwait Online

See the Step-by-Step Process to Locate a Civil Identification Reference Number. To verify this, follow these steps. 

  • Step 1

Visit the Civil identity card Reference Number website. 

  • Step 2 

Switch from Arabic to English in the second step. 

  • Step 3 

Next, scroll down the page and click the arrow symbol. The moment you select that choice, a new webpage will load. 

  • Step 4 

Enter the information in the new box that appears. 

  • Initially Civil ID Number 
  • Next, select “Other Nationality.” 
  • Step 5 

After that, a new page will open, and you must enter your information. 

  • Public ID number 
  • Passport Reference 
  • Expiry Date on Passport 
  • Click the “Get” button after providing all of this information. 
  • Step 6 

Your civil identity Reference Number will be displayed once you click the get option.


With the help of this article, you can locate the Civil Id Reference Number. Every inhabitant needs a civil identity number. The reference number stays the same regardless of the owner’s choice of sponsors or whether the owner visits Kuwait after a protracted absence. 

Unique numbers have been provided for specific purposes in many countries, but they are now recognized as official national id numbers. Despite the risk of identities clashing, countries with universal national identity numbers are nonetheless permitted to develop their ID numbers.

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