Civil ID Delivery : Step-by-Step Application Guide

The Kuwaiti government has set up a system that allows citizens and non-citizens to complete the necessary steps and obtain their Civil ID from the convenience of their homes. If your civil ID has expired and you wish to renew it, you can do so and get your new civil ID delivered to your preferred home or workplace.  Due to this requirement, PACI launched the ID Card Delivery Service in Kuwait. If you have requested the delivery of an ID card and want to know the current status, go here. We will also review how to determine if a civil id card has been delivered to your residence. Let’s begin the complete guide straightforwardly.

How To Apply For Civil Id Delivery At Home?

The Public Authority controls these internet services for Civil Information, popularly known as PACI Kuwait. PACI is constantly working to improve its government services for both citizens and residents. One of PACI Kuwait’s online services is the distribution of civil identification documents. 

  • Registering a civil ID in Kuwait for home delivery

Go to the webpage on your laptop or mobile device’s browser. If the page opens in Arabic, you can switch to English by clicking the button in the upper-left corner. 

Select language from arabic to english
  • Select to accept the delivery company’s terms and conditions

Read the guidelines and conditions on the civil card delivery service website at After reading it, select “I agree and accept the terms of the delivery service” from the drop-down menu, and then click “START.” 

civil id card delivery terms and conditions
  • Determine if you already have an old civil identification card

After agreeing to the PACI delivery Kuwait service’s terms and conditions, you will be directed to a new page with two choices. Click on the box that says “Old civil Id card is available” if you already have one. On the contrary, select the “Old Civil Id card is not available” checkbox if you do not have an old identity card. 

Select civil id card available or not
  • Enter the number on your ID card

In this box, input the serial number from your civil ID card. 

Enter Civil id number and serial number
  • Type your name, address, and other information

Your personal information must be entered after your civil ID card’s number and serial number: 

  • Home or card addresses 
  • Name 
  • The delivery time 
  • Email 
  • Mobile number 
  • Preferred language of contact

Three choices will be presented to you when you type your delivery address: 

  • Card address, please. 
  • Use a different PACI address number. 
  • “Enter a manual address.” 
  • Select the option that best suits you and complete the form.
Civil Id adress information
  • Pay the invoice

When you have entered all the necessary information, check the delivery details, and then move on to paying for Kuwaiti civil identification delivery. An acknowledgment receipt will be given to you once the payment has been made, so keep it safe.

paying for Kuwaiti civil identification delivery

You can download it to your smartphone or print it off. 

Download Civil Id invoice

How Much is the Civil Card Delivery Fee

PACI announces the delivery cost at KD 2. (two). If someone registers multiple civil id cards to be delivered to the same address, please be aware that this cost is only for one delivery. After that, each additional civic card will cost the citizen or resident 0.25 additional Kuwaiti dinars. 

Everyone who pays the required costs can receive their card delivered to their door at the best time. With this effort, the Public Authority for Civil Information has taken a very good step for the Kuwaiti people. 

How Should I Fill Out My Contact And Address Information For Delivery Of Civil ID?

  • Step 1

Name, Delivery Time (Evening or Morning, depending on your availability), Mobile Number, Communication Language, and Email are all parts of the contact and address information. 

  • Step 2

Next, input the address details for where you want your civil identification to be delivered. The address listed on your Civil card is default displayed in front of you. 

When you click on the address, you can edit it. When applying for or receiving your Kuwaiti ID card, be sure to write down your correct new address. Select “More Options” and manually type the address. 

  • Step 3.

PACI shall not be held liable if you input a wrong address that cannot be found or traced. Once you have selected the next option, the system will authenticate your contact and address information from your civil identification. 

  • Step 4

The system will display the payment window for the delivery fees, which are 2 KD when you select the next choice. 

  • Step 5

Fill in the blanks with your credit or debit card details and choose the bank. 

  • Step 6

Submit the request after paying the PACI home delivery cost. Print out the application for home delivery civil id and your receipt number. Your PACI Civil Id Identity will be delivered to the address you provided.

How Do I Know If My Civil ID Is Ready?

There are several ways to determine whether a civic ID is valid. One involves looking up the Kuwaiti Civil identification status on the government of Kuwait website. 

  • Visit the official Kuwaiti government website to verify the status of your Civil identification. 
  • Enter your Civil Identity No, and press the search button. 
  • Check the status of your Civil Identity; it will show you whether it is ready for collection or processing.

Instructions for the Delivery Service for Kuwaiti Civil ID 

  • The beneficiary pays for the civic card distribution service; the Public Authority for Civil Information is not responsible. 
  • The initial main card’s Civil Id shipping fee is 2 KWD. Each additional civil ID card for your family must be purchased for 250 fills (one-fourth of a dinar) if you want them to be issued to the same address. 
  • It takes two working days for the delivery business to deliver your ID Cards after it has picked them up from PACI’s main office. 
  • Call if you have any questions concerning the delivery service (22066550).
  • The current request for delivery of the ID card will be revoked if you make any additional change requests about your civil ID card. Additionally, you will be required to submit a new ID Delivery Request and pay a fresh delivery cost. 
  • When processing a delivery request, a “once-only” charge for delivery fees is made to the consumer. 
  • The only Civil Cards that are eligible for delivery requests are those that are prepared to be delivered.

Steps To Track ID Delivery

Follow the instructions to track the delivery of a Kuwaiti civil ID online. 

  1. Visit the website for their PACI home delivery service. 
  2. Click the “Options” link in the drop-down menu by moving there. 
  3. Select “Delivery Request Status” by tapping it. 
  4. Enter your PACI ID number in the Query box, and then click the search button. 
  5. When you hit the button, your ID information will appear. 

The Kuwaiti government makes sure that your ID information is safe and secure. They guarantee that your PACI card will arrive at the destination with a strong logo and a secure envelope.

Kuwait’s Civil Identification Delivery Tracking Number 

In this guide, we will provide the civil id delivery tracking number Kuwait that the Public Authority for Civil Information mentioned within the civil ID home delivery Kuwait status service context. The Public Authority for Civil Information is interested in giving all the information that residents and citizens of the State of Kuwait require about the civil card. 

Tracking Civil Id Delivery 

One of the services provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information is the civil id delivery tracking service, which necessitates the reference to track the location of the arrival of his civil ID as soon as the service of electronically delivering the civil ID to the home is activated. This is done by using one of the following methods: 

  • Civil ID link 
  • Civil identification delivery agent number

By entering your civil ID number and selecting the inquiry icon, you may follow the delivery of your civil ID and find out if it is ready to accept through the URL provided. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You won’t be assessed an extra fee if you apply for your paci Kuwait civil id delivery status from home anymore. 


It is simple for people to obtain their home IDs. The official offers a free home delivery service for this reason. Before receiving their IDs, citizens and residents who intend to utilize the facility must log in to the ACI website and schedule an appointment or order.

You can apply via the PACI website’s form if you require a valid identity card. However, you will need to present documentation of your residency or citizenship (together with a passport, using a license) 

  1. Choose the “application” option and your city. 
  2. Name, address, phone number, and email should all be entered. 
  3. From the drop-down option, choose “Move.” 
  4. A civil ID should be obtained first. 
  5. Request an email from your friend including a link to your ID card. 
  6. Contact the CI customer support department if you are still looking for the link.

Your public id card is available for printing. Please present it to the CI office. You will receive a copy of your ID card from them. 

Once they acquire the identity card from the PACI headquarters, I guarantee in-house delivery in about 2-3 days. 

Please double-check your entered email address. In case this occurs once more, get in touch with customer care. 

Sure. All uploaded files must have their original copies as an attachment to the web form. 

No. You won’t be assessed an extra fee if you apply for your paci Kuwait civil id delivery status from home anymore. 


It is simple for people to obtain their home IDs. The official offers a free home delivery service for this reason. Before receiving their IDs, citizens and residents who intend to utilize the facility must log in to the ACI website and schedule an appointment or order.